3t3-Simple is my original texture pack.

This pack includes textures of blocks, items, MOBs, GUI etc, and all of them makes Minecraft simpler and better one.

Most of images in 3t3-Simple are index-color format, so the pack is very small.

Photo no.1Photo no.2Photo no.3Photo no.4Photo no.5Photo no.6Photo no.7Photo no.8Photo no.9Photo no.10Photo no.11Photo no.12Photo no.13Photo no.14Photo no.15

How to Install

Download mcpack from a button below. Then just like as other resource packs, open "3t3-Simple.mcpack" with MCPE.

If you want to use in server, multiplay, or you don't want to change GUI, install "3t3-SimpleNoGUI.mcpack".


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Change Log

  • v12.0.0
    • Support for MCBE v1.6.0.
  • v11.0.0
    • Support for MCBE v1.5.3. UI support will come later.
    • Refreshed so many textures.
  • v10.3.2 (NoGUI)
    • Fixed the issue that some textures are not applied
  • v10.3.1
    • Support for v1.2.9
  • v10.3.0
    • Support for MCPE v1.2.6
    • Refreshed some design of mob
    • Fixed some bugs of GUI
  • v10.2.0
    • Support for MCPE v1.2.5
    • Fixed some bugs of GUI
  • v10.0.2
    • Fixed a crash that occured when open settings screen in MCPE v1.2.2.
  • v10.0.1
    • Support for MCPE v1.2.x!
    • GUI Improvement
    • Improved PocketUI
  • v10.0.0
    • Support for MCPE v1.2.x!
    • GUI Improvement
  • v9.1.0
    • Support for MCPE v1.1.3!
    • Changed some block textures
    • Modified textures of items and blocks
    • GUI Improvement
  • v9.0.0
    • Support for MCPE v1.1.0!
  • v8.4.1
    • Fixed Command block screen.
  • v8.4.0
    • Added textures of Command Blocks. Sorry for delay!
  • v8.3.1
    • Fixed the texture of minecart.
    • Fixed progress bars.
    • Adjusted the textures of netherrack and end portal frame.
    • Removed "Beta" from Win10 Ed logo.
  • v8.3.0
    • Most textures are index-color format now, so the pack is very small size!
    • Redsigned some item textures.
    • GUI improvements.
  • v8.2.0
    • Support for MCPE v1.0.4.
    • Tweaked various textures.
    • GUI improvement
    • Optimized some json files
  • v8.1.1
    • Changed the texture of Vine, Ladder and Bookshelf.
    • Fixed a bug that color of labels in pocket ui are not suitable to read.
    • GUI Improvement
  • v8.1.0
    • Added Textures of Fence, Wall, Button, Pressure Plate, and more!
    • GUI Improvement (It returned to light color.)
    • Tweaked some textures.
  • v8.0.2
    • GUI improvement
    • Tweaked texture of End rod (particle of it is no longer dark)
  • v8.0.1
    • GUI improvement
  • v8.0.0
    • Support for 1.0.0!
    • GUI Improvement
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